Hiring top talent just got easier.

Finding the top tech talent is hard. Finding top tech talent that is also a culture fit for your company is harder. We’re here to help. 

Become an Xtern company

We find the best of the best

First we hit the pavement, going to career fairs and scouring resumes so you don’t have to. We identify and interview the top-tier candidates. 

We match them with you

No algorithms here — we get to know you and the candidates, we assess  your needs and their personalities, and we bring you options that we think would be a great culture and skills fit. 

We make sure they have a great summer

You make sure that your interns have a great time the 40 hours a week they spend with you – what about the other 128 hours? We make sure that your interns have a blast and make meaningful personal and professional connections outside of work so that, when it comes time to start their professional careers, they know they have a place to launch here in Indy.
“The combination of the internship with the community aspect of all of these students living together and doing activities together was an excellent idea. It allows the students to gain a much broader perspective on the city as well as its technology landscape that I genuinely believe will positively impact these student’s desire to seek permanent employment in Indiana post-graduation.”
– Bryan Everly, CTO,
NextGear Capital
We have been sponsors of the Indy Xtern program for two years and the results have been incredible. An intern from our first year starts with us full time in the data science role next month. An intern from this year’s program is already developing production code, is joining us part time until graduation in December and hopefully full time after that. There is no other recruiting spend as productive as this program.” 

– Matt Tyner, Director of Finance, 

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