The ultimate tech internship experience.

There is more to your life than school, there should be more to your internship than work. Xtern is the whole package – work alongside industry leaders at of Indy’s hottest tech companies, live and make friends with 100+ other rockstar Xterns from around the state & country, and experience the social events that make Indy such an awesome place to live.

Join us for the best summer of your life.

A Paid Internship

The Indianapolis tech scene has been praised by Forbes as being one of the fastest-growing in the country, and we want you to be a part of it. Join Xtern and work for one of Indy’s top tech companies in a position that is challenging, meaningful, and suited to your skills. 

Free Downtown Housing

According to TIME magazine, Indy is one of the best places to start a new career. Conde Nast has it pegged as one of the most underrated cities for millennials. While we agree with them, we want you to experience first-hand what makes Indianapolis a place so many young professionals choose to call home by living downtown at IUPUI’s premium campus.

Professional Networking

When you join the tech community in Indianapolis, you join a community of artists, makers, and technologists who are passionate about helping each other create the best product, affect the most change, and be the best builders they can be. Through newly-developed, specialized training tracks based on your professional interests, we hook you into that community from day one. 

What it’s like to be an Xtern

“Xtern is an unbelievable program. I have at least 30 new business cards and contacts that I have plans to reconnect with. Prior to Xtern, I was completely unaware of the fantastic Indy tech community that exists. I cannot recommend the program enough.”

– Peyton Reese, ’16
“Xtern has really gone above and beyond my expectations for my final summer before entering “the real world”. I have had the chance to meet so many amazing people in the city, learn about opportunities available to me, and make a difference working with my host company. I feel excited to return to Indy post graduation and am beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity.”

– Charlee Walker, ’17
“I chose Xtern for the network. I’m not just sitting in my room playing video games all night. I’m actually going out and doing cool things around Indy and meeting a whole bunch of cool people. I love Xtern. I think this is going to be my greatest summer ever.”

– Kyle Fischer, ’15

Some of our host companies

Official Housing Partner